Tyson Kubota


I love creating new interactive experiences through games.


My first published title, a dreamlike 3D tilt/falling game I created for iOS using Unity.

Built from 2013-2014 as a one-person team. Now optionally playable in virtual reality!

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The Seed for Oculus Rift

I designed and built The Seed with some friends for the first Oculus Rift Game Jam, in summer 2013.

It’s a self-guided interactive experience through a fog-shrouded landscape that responds to where you look and how you move through the world, with procedural elements and binaural audio.


With four friends and colleagues at FiftyThree, I designed and built Bloom for the winter 2016 Global Game Jam at NYU. It’s a simple rhythm game with some cool beat-matching technology on the backend.

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