Tyson Kubota


I specialize in bridging the product and engineering domains to build clean, fast, focused digital experiences. Get in touch »

HealthVerity (formerly Curisium)

Leading design and frontend development of a next-generation enterprise healthcare platform for complex data interactions.


From 2015 to 2017, I helped build a re-envisioned suite of productivity tools at FiftyThree, working at the intersection of web engineering, data science, and marketing. Visit fiftythree.com »

The Criterion Collection

I worked at the Criterion Collection from 2007 to 2015, leading Criterion's digital product development and online endeavors, with specific focus on Criterion.com and related initiatives. Projects included a unique "My Criterion" social layer, custom ecommerce and analytics implementations, and expanding the brand identity to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


I created my first 3D iOS game, Skydrift, using Unity. I've enhanced and added to the core game over the years, most recently with a VR mode.


I've written about movies, videogames, and technology for media outlets including The Current, Film Comment, and the online journal Reverse Shot.